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A bittersweet announcement about Snapshots by Bridget....

I am announcing that 2017 is last year running Snapshots by Bridget. I cannot thank my clients enough for allowing me to watch your families grow, be a part of your important moments, and capturing so many memories. The past 10 years have been such a blessing. I’m truly honored and humbled as I look back on so many images!!

As some of you know photography is not my only job. I have found a career that I love and recently accepted a position in Marketing. It is a perfect fit for me and my family. With this promotion, I have also started working towards my Bachelor's degree.  As much as I love photographing it is time to move on and to allow me to spend more time with my family and focus on my career.

My website will stay active until April of 2019. All of the images have been backed up to another source. 

Please direct any questions or concerns to me at snapshotsbybridget@gmail.com

Thank you for a wonderful 10 years of memories.



Dated:  November 7th 2017